_GMA2549_1 Earlier today (25 July) several police turned up to look at a hole in the field, in actual fact it is a tunnel, but hey!

The police then came on site after apparently swearing was heard and was there excuse for entering the boundary around the house. they tried to get up on to the roof of the house and fetched a crow bar and to leverage there way in through one of the boarded up windows but failed to get in any ware as the house has had a month of fortifications built into it.

Details at this point are sketchy, the police claim swearing came from the tree house, but according to the site crew, it was from elsewhere so they attempted to arrest the occupier to no avail, and have threatened to come back latter with police climbers

Not content at that one of the female crew at Bodge house, striped naked and jumped into the bucket of a digger working at the bottom of the drive and refused to move, this meant that the police had to go back to the house and plead with some of the female crew to come and ask her to give up the protest. There was no answer from in the house and one protester they should knock on the front door, the police man was puzzled and said he didn’t know there was one, and was sent around the front to look for it….only to return embarrassed for being taken for a fool

So are if you are around and want to join in the fun get down to Bodge house


The Bodge House Crew lost the court hearing for possesion of Prospect Farm yesterday and eviction is to go ahead. The crew are ain good spirits as this is where the fun starts )

They have made the farm a fortress and will be resisting the eviction with lock-on’s and other methods, but they need help

So get down to the Smalley site in Derbyshire and help make final preparations

The Bodge House Crew are in court again on Friday 18th July, come along and show support

The court hearing starts at 10AM and is Derby Combined Courts The Morledge, Derby

UK coal yesterday decided to demolish the bungalow, guess they thought spending out on security for 5 years cost to much and the fact that we could go in during the five years and occupy it was too much of a threat for them

We have also heard that we are stopping work from starting on site.

Meanwhile we are getting very nice emails form the local residents who are still fighting this with there MP’s

Hey the crew at Bodge House need a few items if you can help out

Figure of 8 and climbing rope


Gardening tools: spades, forks, picks etc.

Loppers for pruning brances


Last week papers were served on the occupants at Bodge House to appear in Court on Monday 30th June at Derby Combined Courts, The Morledge Derby.

Under the cover of darkness on 18th June, climate campaigners from ‘Leave it in the Ground’ occupied the UK Coal’s Lodge House site in Derbyshire by barricading themselves in a disused farm building and taken to the trees on the site of the proposed open cast mine.

Activists secured themselves in the Prospect Farm building, on the site which is about to be devastated by huge machines, according to one local we have stopped 30 people from working on the site, who are eagerly waiting for the go ahead to start stripping the earth away so the timing was spot on! The protesters have claimed squatter’s rights

For the latest info check the blog https://leaveitintheground.wordpress.com

The farm house on the prospective open cast coal site that was squatted this week has receieved its papers.
It will be taken to court on 30th June at 10 am at Derby Combined Court Centre, Morledge, Derby, DE1 2XE by Harworth Estates Agricultural Land Ltd (part of the UK Coal Conglomerate).

The people on site are putting a call out for people to come and stay on the site and help out. If you have ever fancied your hand at protecting beautiful land against the capitalist machine, nows your chance!

There will be a protest/show of support is planed for the 30th June at 10.am at Derby combined courts

And left, they are respecting the Section 6  notice for Squatters rights



Most of all we need people to come down and stay on the site. It is a beautiful area, with much wildlife, and easy access to public transport. Come down and visit!

Wish list:
Water: Please bring lots when you come as there is currently no running water on site.

scaffold, tarpaulin, planks, large nails, polyprop especially 8mm, 10mm and 12mm (but any rope is good)

sand and cement

Climbing tat – ropes, harness’ carabinas, belay plates, d-locks, padlocks and chains, cargo netting,

Blankets, carpets, quilts, sleeping bags, hammocks,

bowsaws, burners, plastic sheets, shovels and other tools, torches, hurricane lamps and head torches.

Axes, batteries (car and torch), bolt croppers, buckets, candles, fishing line, flexiflue and cutting gear,

food (tinned is good, dried food particularly things like fruit and nuts is fantastic, fresh fruit and veg is really appreciated) cooking pans and cutlery, mugs and plates first aid, generators, paraffin, refuse sacks, rope, string, tents, thermos flasks, tin storage (ammo) boxes, water butts.

Nylon crane netting, pulleys, loudhailers, parachutes, rucksacks, steel cable,
Clothes, Boots, warm clothes and socks, waterproof clothing, wellies.

Musicians, climbers, mechanics, carpenters, healers, bakers, solicitors, sponsors, poets, friendly shop keepers, trader exchange, nature-lovers and everyone else too!

Bicycles and tools.

Bodge House

Under the cover of darkness activists have secured themselves in the
Prospect Farm building, on the site which is about to be devastated by
huge machines. Food and supplies have also been taken in for a long term
occupation and barricades’ had been set up preventing police form
bringing in specialist equipment down Bell Lane, Smalley Derbyshire into
Bodge House

the heart of the site.

People are locked on by their necks behind the
doors preventing force being used to gain entry by police or specialist
teams and protesters have claimed squatter’s rights.

The activists have dubbed the site to be called Bodge House

We need more people on site to make additional preparations and secure other areas to stop open casting and build long term home.

Lodge house is owned by UK Coal, Britain’s largest coal company and they
plan to extract 1 million tonnes of coal from the 122 hector site. The
area is about to be devastated, despite objections form local councils,
residents and local environmental groups but the environment Secretary
Hilary Benn granted planning permission in 2007 and work is set to
commence imminently. New open cast mines are being actively supported by
the government and the number of opencast mines going into the planning
process and being approved is on the increase.

At Lodge House today, Andy Green said “We are here because the single
greatest threat to the climate comes from burning coal. Coal fired
generation is historically responsible for most of the CO2 in the air
today – about half of all carbon dioxide emissions globally . Coal form
open cast mines is dirtier than that from deep mines, so it is even worse!

Supplies are also needed
Site phone 07503 335870