Most of all we need people to come down and stay on the site. It is a beautiful area, with much wildlife, and easy access to public transport. Come down and visit!

Wish list:
Water: Please bring lots when you come as there is currently no running water on site.

scaffold, tarpaulin, planks, large nails, polyprop especially 8mm, 10mm and 12mm (but any rope is good)

sand and cement

Climbing tat – ropes, harness’ carabinas, belay plates, d-locks, padlocks and chains, cargo netting,

Blankets, carpets, quilts, sleeping bags, hammocks,

bowsaws, burners, plastic sheets, shovels and other tools, torches, hurricane lamps and head torches.

Axes, batteries (car and torch), bolt croppers, buckets, candles, fishing line, flexiflue and cutting gear,

food (tinned is good, dried food particularly things like fruit and nuts is fantastic, fresh fruit and veg is really appreciated) cooking pans and cutlery, mugs and plates first aid, generators, paraffin, refuse sacks, rope, string, tents, thermos flasks, tin storage (ammo) boxes, water butts.

Nylon crane netting, pulleys, loudhailers, parachutes, rucksacks, steel cable,
Clothes, Boots, warm clothes and socks, waterproof clothing, wellies.

Musicians, climbers, mechanics, carpenters, healers, bakers, solicitors, sponsors, poets, friendly shop keepers, trader exchange, nature-lovers and everyone else too!

Bicycles and tools.