_GMA2549_1 Earlier today (25 July) several police turned up to look at a hole in the field, in actual fact it is a tunnel, but hey!

The police then came on site after apparently swearing was heard and was there excuse for entering the boundary around the house. they tried to get up on to the roof of the house and fetched a crow bar and to leverage there way in through one of the boarded up windows but failed to get in any ware as the house has had a month of fortifications built into it.

Details at this point are sketchy, the police claim swearing came from the tree house, but according to the site crew, it was from elsewhere so they attempted to arrest the occupier to no avail, and have threatened to come back latter with police climbers

Not content at that one of the female crew at Bodge house, striped naked and jumped into the bucket of a digger working at the bottom of the drive and refused to move, this meant that the police had to go back to the house and plead with some of the female crew to come and ask her to give up the protest. There was no answer from in the house and one protester they should knock on the front door, the police man was puzzled and said he didn’t know there was one, and was sent around the front to look for it….only to return embarrassed for being taken for a fool

So are if you are around and want to join in the fun get down to Bodge house