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UK coal yesterday decided to demolish the bungalow, guess they thought spending out on security for 5 years cost to much and the fact that we could go in during the five years and occupy it was too much of a threat for them

We have also heard that we are stopping work from starting on site.

Meanwhile we are getting very nice emails form the local residents who are still fighting this with there MP’s


The farm house on the prospective open cast coal site that was squatted this week has receieved its papers.
It will be taken to court on 30th June at 10 am at Derby Combined Court Centre, Morledge, Derby, DE1 2XE by Harworth Estates Agricultural Land Ltd (part of the UK Coal Conglomerate).

The people on site are putting a call out for people to come and stay on the site and help out. If you have ever fancied your hand at protecting beautiful land against the capitalist machine, nows your chance!

There will be a protest/show of support is planed for the 30th June at at Derby combined courts

In the early hours of this morning climate changers have occupied buildings and trees at Lodge House, Derbyshire as a permanent home under section 6 (squatters rights)

Site and Potential Tonnage

Potland Burn, Northumberland 2,000,000 tonnes

Park Wall North, Co. Durham 1,275,000 tonnes

Bradley, Co. Durham 550,000 tonnes

Huntington Lane, Shropshire 900,000 tonnes

Blair House, Fife 700,000 tonnes

Well at lest some one is taking notice, well no the mining is due to start anytime now

DISMAYED council chiefs in Northumberland are seeking a top-level showdown over growing evidence that strong local opposition to opencast coal mines is being overruled by the Government.

County council leaders want an early meeting with ministers to discuss the Government’s current policy on opencast mining and its potential implications for sensitive areas of Northumberland.

Ministers quizzed on opencast policy – JournalLive

From the Picnic in the Park event people have been organising more protests this one is taking it direct to the UK Coal’s front door! all are welcome

Nottinghamshire | Noise demo against imminent open cast coal mine 9th June 

Noise Demo at UK Coal, nr Doncaster
Monday 9th June
Meet 12 noon at Doncaster train station.

There will be lifts to UK Coal’s HQ – but bring transport if you can.
UK COAL, Harworth Park, Blyth Road, Harworth, Doncaster DN11 8DB
Bring: banners, things to make noise with, food, people, tents, room to give people a lift.

For more info phone 07852 460871 or email
Leaflet attached – please print and circulate
What’s going on?
Lodge House site, which is east of the village of the Derbyshire village of Smalley, is one of seven sites that UK Coal is to open-cast. The area is rich with wildlife and backs onto Shipley Country Park.

It is about to be devastated, despite objections from local councils, residents and local environmental groups. The Secretary of State granted planning permission in 2007 and work is to commence any day now.
More destruction to come?

The 122 hectare site will have one million tonnes of coal ripped out over five years and ‘returned back to its natural state’ according to UK Coal. However, they will not be able to replace ancient edges and mature trees, and they will be able to expand beyond the 122 hectares without needing further permission. Residents were excluded from parts of the planning meeting on grounds of commercial confidentiality, which suggests that the plans may be bigger than UK Coal is letting on.

A dirty fuel, a changing climate
Coal is not clean energy, and with the new onslaught of proposed power stations, UK Coal are looking to cash in on climate devastation and destruction unless we stop them. Burning coal to produce electricity is threatening the global environment and all our futures..
To combat open-cast mining, a new action group “Leave it in the Ground” has formed, supported by Earth First! and other environmental groups.
If you can’t make the demo then you could contact UK Coal directly to let them know what you think: UK Coal Tel: 01302 751751 Fax: 01302 752420.

Leave it in the Ground
Report on previous action
For a bit of history on protests against open cast mining see:
More info on coal…

Nottinghamshire | Noise demo against imminent open cast coal mine 9th June